About Wai

Hi, my name is Wai Au, like WHY OH.

I’m mainly a comic artist who self publish with my collective Love Love Hill, but I get bored from time to time, so I have to do other forms of art that’s not just telling silly stories. My love for screenprinting actually started from needing to make unique covers for our printed books. I’m into most things handmade.

I initially tried to study art like FINE ART at the u of a, but dropped out because while I enjoy studio classes, the rest of it is just not my thing. Eventually I took a program in graphic design with focus on illustration and graduated with honours. School is school, here I am, trying to make a living in just making contemporary art I guess.

Currently residing in Montreal, Canada.

If you want to contact me, feel free to reach me by email. It is waikhan[at]gmail.com