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Mar 302018


I recently got some photos of museum statues and I thought I should practice drawing them. I find that drawing from photos is weird. Instead of interpreting real life, I'm trying to copy the photographer's interpretation.

I remember one of my art instructor (from a gallery instead of school) said that he was required to draw a lot of cast sculptures, and also required to memorize the same sculptures from memories at exams. It's a different kind of art education that I got from Canada for sure. I don't know if I'll be able to do that, but by trying to study these statues, I hope it trains my patience...

Figure skating

Feb 232018


I've been watching a lot of figure skating.

When I started following the sport, I feel like the athletes at the top are monsters, they are not human. Both physically and mentally. I think that opinion hasn't changed after watching all the Olympics.

Canadian winter

Jan 302018


I haven't actually released this blog url to the world yet as I type this... may be that's why I'm not really blogging much. Not having much to say is also the problem. Currently I'm not sure what to put here, or if some content should go onto Patreon. At least I've been drawing, whether I end up blogging about it or not.

I'm not sure why I want to draw these tiny people in a scene. I really like Tatsuya Tanaka's miniature dioramas made from daily objects. I admire his ability to consistently create interesting scenes and stories. Everything is always fresh, and you can never find a repetition of the same idea. He's amazing. I wonder what his process is like.


Jan 072018


I haven't been able to draw comics, so I'm drawing not-comics.


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